G&P Masonry is a full service masonry company, located in East Tennessee.

Located in Chattanooga and Knoxville, our professionally trained masons install brick, block, and stone, provide superior restoration, craftsmanship, and service to industrial, educational, and corporate customers in East Tennessee.


Our History

When Mason Painter formed his own masonry company in 1965, he made history.

At the time, most general contractors had their own masonry crews. Mason worked for one of these contractors but dreamed of being his own boss. He realized this dream and, at the same time, made history when he launched one of the Chattanooga area’s first masonry companies, then called Painter & Painter Masonry.

Through the years the company has evolved and so has the name. In 1982, Doyle E. Gentry, Sr. came to work for Mason Painter and in 1989 the company became Gentry & Painter, Inc. Mason retired in 1992 and Doyle led the company until his retirement in 2004 at which time his son, Dewayne E. Gentry, took over as president of the company. In 2012, Gentry & Painter, Inc. opened offices in Knoxville. Three years later, the company evolved into what it is known as today, G&P Masonry, Inc.


G&P, Inc. is led by Dewayne who serves as president; Dewayne’s brother Gene Gentry, who serves as vice president of field operations in Knoxville as well as secretary of the corporation; Michael Wilson, who serves as vice president of operations in Chattanooga; Steve Price, who serves as vice president of field operations in Chattanooga; and Reggie Gaskin, who serves as vice president of operations in Knoxville. While not all G&P employees share the Gentry name, they are all viewed by the Gentrys as family.