We strive for the highest standards of safety practice on every project.

At G&P Masonry, we value our employees and take very seriously the need for a safe and healthy work environment.

We acknowledge that safe operations do not occur by chance but are the result of a focused and concentrated effort of all management, supervisors, and employees.

The goal of G&P Masonry’s Safety and Health Program is to ensure the prevention of accidents and injuries, the achievement of safe working practices, and the preservation of equipment and resources.

Our Safety and Health Program ensures compliance with the Secretary of Labor’s “Safety and Health Regulations for Construction,” 29 CFR 1926, and “Occupational Safety and Health Standards,” 29 CFR 1910, and all Federal, State, and Local environmental, safety and health requirements where applicable.

G&P Masonry is a proud participant in a Drug-Free Workplace Program.